Holmes only went to trial because she inconvenienced and embarrassed powerful people

Shortly after the jury in the Elizabeth Holmes trial began its deliberations last month, I sat down and wrote the following:

I want to ask a question that I’m not seeing enough people discussing: if Holmes is on trial for defrauding investors about her service, why isn’t that the case…

The most important election this year has only one voter

If it’s not the single most powerful individual position in the world, it only has a few rivals. Think general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party. Or the Pope. Or chair of the U.S. Federal Reserve. Or maybe the crown prince of Saudi Arabia.

It’s a position that’s been embroiled…

Tech companies must take responsibility for their products’ harmful impacts, even if unintended

Countering anti-Blackness within our society is a target-rich environment; white supremacist thinking is engrained in every industry, which means a need for each to be improved or totally rebuilt. That includes Silicon Valley and the technology it’s building to fuel our future.

Big Tech’s complicity with structural, systemic anti-Black racism…

Jumana Abu-Ghazaleh

Jumana is the founder of Pivot For Humanity, a non-profit on a mission to professionalize Silicon Valley

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